We want to change the world

We propose an alternative of snacking, cool, natural, healthy, and tasty.

The Good Bars

Chocolate bars 100% natural
Preservative free, colorant free, no artifical flavorings
Des ingrédients naturels pour mieux digérer, issus d’une agriculture de passionnés, une texture moelleuse, des anti-oxydants, des protéines végétales, des éléments nutritifs trouvés dans la nature, à l’état brut !

Natural bars, authentic and miraculous

We invented those bars with our hearts. They are the representation of our philosophy, that's why it is miraculous !

bonnes barres

So why ?

We want to change the world.

Since its birth, Hubert has developed a miraculous and unique knowhow.
So we invented miraculous and unique bars, but also nice, natural, and especially very good.

Avis d’une diététicienne

"I like Hubert's Bonnes Bars because […] this is a product which is natural and authentic. Energy bars Hubert contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxydants, which are very interesting, and green anise, which will lessen the risk of digestion trouble".

Léa Zubiria, nutritionist dietitian

Wanna try ?

Pour vous permettre de tester, mais aussi parce que pour nous il est important de savoir si vous faites partie de la Team Verte ou la Team Rouge, nous avons créé le Pack Découverte; à un prix abordable… Essayez, et vous verrez ! 😊 


The founders says


We created Hubert's Bonnes Bars. A Bonne Bar, this is a biscuit, with a chocolate cover, with a super-aliment within-it. Home made and natural, Hubert's Bonne Bars are engaged into a healthy food and ecological commitment.

- Antoine Boileau and Hugo Hiolin -

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