The genesis of Hubert

Ici et maintenant, nous allons tout vous raconter de l'histoire Hubert.

Why Hubert ? 

Bernard and Frédéric, that was too much Claude François. Roger was already taken by a Swiss Tennisman, and by an uncle.

Hubert is for us the stereotype of the old French name, which carries values.

Certainly, his power of seduction is doubtful, but his clumsy appearance gives him a kindness and sympathy that is matched only by his kindness.

What are we doing?

We decide to change the world of agribusiness.

Or rather to start with agribusiness to change the world.

Some Good Bars ?

On a beautiful day in 2018, Antoine asked Hugo if he did not have 100 grounds and a Mars.

Hugo did not have any Mars. So with the 100 grounds, they said they would buy natural ingredients to make a good chocolate bar (because they love it), and change the world.

Ils ont alors entrepris une réflexion pour inventer La Bonne Barre. L'histoire Hubert avait démarrée.

Green Anise.

With this beautiful idea, they met at the Dijon gastronomic fair, halfway between Aix-les-Bains and Loray.

On site, our two acolytes were able to make beautiful meetings, and discuss the different facets that compose their masterpiece.

At the turn of an alley, a gentleman served them a local drink that delighted them. After a few moments, they felt that their bellies and their spirits were lightened. They then questioned the gentleman, who explained to them that the anise was an anti-spasmodic (that prevents to have spasms, we also looked for ...). The drink would have been invented by a certain Guy at Pontarlier.

The two young people decided to use this plant and its virtues to create their Good Bar.


Subsequently, Hugo proposed to Antoine to do a triathlon. The latter accepted without much thought.

They spent the day before the event studying the meandering Suzenuous of the pond in which they were going to swim 750m for the first time.

It is the next day at Dawn, that the fear of the unknown seizes them.

To fight they decided to give themselves strength and courage by uttering miraculous incantations on their good bars.

So after an hour, about thirty minutes, and some mosses, thatthey became triathletes.

(Well, the truth is that Hugo had taken a little advance, he was a triathlete for a few months, he likes to get ahead ...)

They have discovered through the passion that will accompany their adventure, the power of the miraculous intention.

Quelques illustrations de propos qui ne manqueront pas de rappeler aux deux jeunes, qu'ils peuvent aussi garder les pieds sur terre.

Hugo, testant une nouvelle technique pour gagner du temps lors des transitions (regard du spectateur au second plan, septique...)

Antoine, lui aussi en plein test, d'une technique de magnétisme pour planer pendant l'épreuve de course à pieds. C'est plus pour économiser son ligament croisé que les chaussures...)

The Superb Agency.

Il a alors fallu donner à ces deux belles et bonnes barres un habillage tout neuf. Après avoir pensé à les décorer avec des flammes sur les côtés, l’équipe a finalement décidé de faire appelle à Emine, de The Superb Agency et son incroyable talent, pour retranscrire les idées et les blagues en visuels.

La rencontre avec The Superb Agency, c’est aussi une relation d’amitié, entre des personnes convaincues qu’on peut travailler avec son coeur, et qu’on est capable de changer le monde !

The culmination, finally!

Some tastes, some colors, some jokes pass, and a few months later, it is not one, but two good bars sprinkled with dust of miracles, which come out of the manufacturing workshops of Loray, for our greatest joy!

Les deux modèles de Bonnes Barres

Everyone can change the world.

Les Bonnes barres barres transitent ensuite non loin, au pays de l’anis, à Pontarlier, pour être mis dans leurs beaux emballages fabriqués en France, par des personnes en situation de handicap, qui sont "on-ne-peut-plus" heureuses de prêter main forte, et de contribuer à l’effort collectif.

Hubert se retrouve complètement dans les valeurs de gentillesse et de bienveillance de l’UNAP, qui fait un travail remarquable pour emballer les Bonnes Barres avec rigueur, constance, et fiabilité.

This is how, on a daily basis and at its scale, the Hubert team manages to change the world.

Finally, we have not changed everything yet ... The French still do not finish ahead of the Tour de France, but you should taste the bars, they are nice, and they are good!

Histoire Hubert : To be continued...

Behind each great man hides a good bar ...

As you can see, there is behind our good bars an undisguised intention to prove that anything is possible, to show you that we can change the world, everyone, and together.

To take a good bar is to try the strength of the intention, it is to allow oneself to live, to dream, to push the limits.

You'll see, it's miraculous!

Our check-list to make the world a better place :

- Bring the FIFA worldcup home

- Elect a -40 yo president

- Elect a woman as a president

- Mettre en valeur un événement sportif féminin au niveau mondial

- Un français en Ryder cup

- France world rugby champion

- Un français vainqueur du Tour de France

- Drop a marmelade toast on the right side

- Succeed a crowd-funding

- Try the Good Bar